The Stormlight Archive So Far – Brandon Sanderson

The Stormlight Archive so far. Review and much love.


A Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy – V.E Schwab

It always takes me a while to finish a the final book in a beloved series. My reading stutters and starts, my heart and eyes betray me, my courage fails me. why on earth would I want to speed up to the heartbreak at the end? Finishing the final book is torture. Its agonizing knowing... Continue Reading →

My Anticipated September Reads!

Hello Hello! September is an exciting month and I am unfortunately publishing this late but better late than never right? September seems to be a busy month in the YA/Fantasy book world and with me finishing The Stormlight Archives in a day or two I'll need some more books to occupy my time... I always... Continue Reading →

Current Reads! Way of Kings

Hello Hello! I just wanted to update and tell you all what I will be reviewing next! So as you may or may not know - I am a ridiculously mahoooosive Brandon Sanderson fan and have made it my lifes mission to read and absorb his awesomeness through book osmosis. I recently started charging full tilt through... Continue Reading →


Hello Hello! I have realised recently that I have become VERY slack in writing anything which in turn has made me slack in posting anything here. So in an effort to inspire me to write more I am taking part in The Daily Post's daily prompt. The whole point of a prompt is, in their own... Continue Reading →

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