The Wicked + The Divine, Vol 4, Rising Action – Kieron Gillen

Hello Hello!

So, I love stories in most any format, but my first love will always be imagining how places, people and situations looked. I love being able to use my imagination to bring a story to life, just a shame my arty skills are completely inadequate. For real. The only thing I can kind of draw is a henna pattern. ish.

Anyway years ago, I met my boyfriend who, being a massive comic nerd, convinced me to dip my toe into the comic world. Which, in my opinion, can be absolutely terrifyingly daunting, because there are just So. Many. Comics. On top of that I was kind of worried they would all be superhero comics, and as much as I think superheroes are cool I just didn’t want to read about them exclusively. Don’t get me wrong I loved the recent Elektra (2014) run and Kamala Khans Ms Marvel (who is a POC and a superhero!! yay!) then there are characters like Wonder Woman and Black Panther and (my beloved) Storm. I loved them all but superheroes were just not who I wanted to be reading about so I started looking elsewhere and found Image comics, who singlehandedly kept my  interest in comics waning with Saga and then The Wicked + The Divine.  So this is a long winded way of me saying that I am, for the first time, going to review a graphic novel and that I will be reviewing The Wicked + The Divine, (Vol 4) Rising Action.

*spoilers abound after the cut so if you haven’t read this yet or will read this, do not go ahead!*


So! Pretty much the first panel we are treated to after the explosive (ba dum dum tss!) ending of the last issue is Persephone, fully alive and talking. And thank god Persephone is actually alive holyfrickinshit. I kind of love Laura, I can kind of relate to her (probably the whole black girl + londoner thing. South london especially, which i adopted about 5 years ago. Well its not just that but lets not get into that right now!) but I am so excited to see her as a God.

This arc, was so violent and bloody thirsty and crazy, the title is so completely accurate, it gets more and more violent. It starts off with Persephone getting ready to perform at some seedy bar in Highbury and Islington and crescendos with Persephone/Laura killing Ananke with her clicky-fingered miracle power. The Gods as a group, then agree it was self-defence to prevent Persephone going to prison. Shame Ananke’s dead though, because just before she dies she reveals that she has been killing Gods for years, that their sacrifice is needed to stop the Great Darkness. 

Now, i don’t actually know what the Great Darkness is but I think murdering everyone every cycle is just a little shit, don’t you?

Anyway. Review time. I loved it. I loved every single minute of this issue, I read it in like 30 mins on the tube, being jostled every 2 seconds didn’t even bother me, people standing a little too close in front of me didn’t bother me, I was completely and utterly engrossed. I was happy Laura was alive in some form because I think she is a particularly interesting character, she feels so real. She is initially obsessed with the Gods and idolises them, but when she eventually gets to know them she finds herself disgusted with them (the whole allowing Luci to take the fall for the murders probably did that), which also seems so real. I mean how many times have you done that? Idolised the idea of someone and then once you got to know them found yourself painfully disappointed in them, because they aren’t perfectly like you imagined?

Laura is very human and I think i see that want to be someone big and amazing and special in myself… I also totally get her want for revenge. Imagine being given something that you really want and the payment for it being the casual murder of your parents and younger sibling.  I  really enjoyed this, it was good to finally get the other Gods to see Anankes murderous ways, she was so irritating. I’m also so glad that they are finally all on side, Ananke getting between them all was getting tiring. I’m glad that they theoretically have another bad guy to fight, together and not because Ananke said so. I say theoretically because we haven’t seen The Darkness yet. Or have we? Was Ananke possessed by it? What is The Darkness anyway? Is it actually possible to be possessed by it? What is their reason for being and could they not think of a better name than simply “The Darkness”? Bad guys should be more creative than that imo.

To summarise: This was violent, bloody, absolutely insane. There were murders and plotting, there were scared teens masquerading as God’s and one vengeful Goddess out to get her revenge on one murderous old biddy. It was a good issue. I’m so happy I read this.


I tweeted Kieron and Jamie to be like “aaaaaaaaaaaaah” and Jamie liked it and Kieron responded. I don’t think I could ever explain the extent of my fangirling at that point.



10 out of 5 because I love wicdiv and hope Ananke stays dead. Also Persephone. 



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