The Wise Man’s Fear – Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicles #2)

Hello hello lovelies!


I am in an excellent mood and because of that I thought I would write a review. I’m excited and happy and haven’t written in a review in TOO LONG!

SO – As you might have possibly guessed I shall be reviewing The Wise Man’s Fear (TWMF) by Pat Rothfuss. It is the sequel to The Name of the Wind which was phenomenal. I loveeeeed it with a passion. It has everything I love in a fantasy book. Mystery (I mean, who is Kvothe really?), Magic (for some reason I am really feeling Fae magic, see A Court of Thorns and Roses/Mist and Fury and Throne of Glass… okay, its not really for some reason, maybe just blame Sarah J Maas?) Action (I swear to god Kvothe has a death wish) and characters that aren’t perfect but at least a little bit likable. I don’t really do unlikable characters, I need to like something about the protag otherwise I just can’t read it. Anyway so Name of the Wind really and truly blew me away (see what I did there? I’m so funny), as I mentioned in my review of it, took me a little longer than I anticipated but once I got into it i was irrevocably hooked. Its honestly one of the best Fantasy books i have come across and I need more people to read it SO I CAN GUSH ABOUT ITS EPICNESS to more people.

So a review of three parts…


At the start of this book I kind of worried that Pat wouldn’t be able to really draw me in from the get go, as that was what happened with Name of the Wind. However the start of the book drew me in hook line and sinker. I think what helped is that I knew what to expect in terms of pacing and story telling and was ready for it. I love the way Pat sets up the atmosphere at the Waystone Inn in the Prologue and Epilogue with the “Silence of Three Parts”. This gives you a slight insight in Kvothes emotional state and holds quite a significance if you consider who he is and where he grew up (until bad things happened).

Quite early on in Kvothes retelling of his life, he is sent away from the university to cool down and reassess his options. Considering how hot-headed he is, this is excellent advice. However, I did have my reservations. The University and Auri were so riveting, there was always something happening (usually to Kvothe or around him) and I have to say I was skeptical and a little disappointed when he actually did leave.

BUT! I was not disappointed. We got to really explore the world (Temerant) that Kvothe inhabits with his slightly more mature eyes and not the eyes of a baby traveller. We get to experience lavishness beyond compare and meet the King who isn’t actually a King, an insatiable immortal Fae who also happens to be the subject of many a folktale and formidable mercenaries who are characterized by their red garb and penchant for silence. We get to discover first hand what makes Kvothe such a legend in his own right and watch how these rumors spread and take on a life of their own.


Well well.. talk about action… Kvothe called the Name of the Wind multiple times, fought bandits who were being run by certain important people shall we say and in the process managed to start one of the bigger rumors not started by himself. Had insane amounts of sex, learnt the karma sutra back to front inside out and then learnt to fight like an Adem mercenary (which is no mean feat… considering he is a barbarian and it is sacred to be taught such a thing). Then finally on his way back to his patron King rescues two young girls kidnapped by bandits pretending to be a friendly troupe and in doing so tarnishing the name of the Edema Ruh and thus signalling their demise because there was no way Kvothe was going to let them live after that.

Round up: 

Okay guys, gals and the non-identifying…. I loved this. I absolutely loved this in every way possible, there was a bit of a lull at one point (I don’t want to say where though because I actually think it was only me who thought that) but it wasn’t that much of a lull, the book picked up a few pages later and maybe I was just tired or not in the mood when I read that part. All in all, this book was fantastic, just as great as The Name of the Wind (maybe even better? Possibly?) and I absolutely cannot wait for Doors of Stone (is that referencing the Archives? Or the Underthing? Who knows!). I have so many questions and I really and truly hope that book 3 answers them in a way that really ties up loose ends in a way that leaves me happy and satisfied (its really not that much to ask for to be honest).

Rothfuss’s writing is lyrical, lilting and leisurely. Nothing is rushed, things happen when they happen and not a moment before – thats not to say though that when things happen they happen suddenly and all at once…

5 out of 5 for lots of action and insight into a world of Magic and Fae, of peaceful mercenaries and Kings without crowns. 


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