Welcome to trippingontales. This is just a quick & easy intro to this blog and why I started it.

Like most people who start a bookblog, I am a huge bookworm and tear (not literally of course) through most books within a matter of hours and at the end of each read I’m usually all emotional and stuck in that world for a bit. I have always been a talker as well as a bookworm so I figured that a bookblog where I just generally talk (at whoever will listen) might satiate my need to just chat about my most read. However chatting is always better when there is at least 2 people taking part so feel free to comment on any posts or send me a message!

I also have an instagram account where I take photos and just gush over the pretty covers. Just click here (also totally feel free to follow/comment/gush with me).

Happy reading!


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