Hello Hello!

I have realised recently that I have become VERY slack in writing anything which in turn has made me slack in posting anything here. So in an effort to inspire me to write more I am taking part in The Daily Post‘s daily prompt.

The whole point of a prompt is, in their own words, to “give you a push on days when the words get stuck”. Which I guess must be whats going on with me. So I’m going to start attempting to these prompts daily, to keep my fingertips fresh and my mind churning! 🙂

So yesterdays prompt was Melody (I did start writing this on the day i got it but only managed to finish it today!)… and I think I’ll make this a small playlist of music that I listen to when I want to write a review, its usually quite chilled out and calm! But sometimes I’m really in the mood for something loud or slightly faster paced so this might be a little all over the place! The name is a youtube link to the track 🙂 enjoy!

Soooo, these are some of the melodies I find myself listening to when I’m writing, these do change every so often but these albums/songs are always there mixed in with the newbie songs/albums i discover – this is like the skeleton of the list!

So, I hope you listen to some of these, if you do please tell me your thoughts and recommendations! I love rec’s. What do you listen to when writing or just attempting to concentrate on something?

wordpress melodies.jpg







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